Olá! I‘m Sara Salsinha

Designer of experiences for people, now happily designing products and services at Normally, and spreading the love for people centred design with the Graphic Design BA students at Herts.

I especially enjoy tackling challenges through the exploration and design of the holistic experience framework and strategy, by creating tools that help think through a problem, or build on an idea. I’m always up to experiment with different design methods and tools, or prototype and take concepts out into the wild, to the people they are designed for (or not). In the hope of creating experiences that are built on a long-term vision that positively shapes the world around us.

I believe the practice of design is about nurturing teams and designing together. Listen, learn, work hard, give and be kind, is my motto.

Want to know more? Check my LinkedIn. Or say hello! hello [at] sarasalsinha.com

(Not so secretly I also enjoy observing people and understanding every possible way everyday experiences can impact people’s behaviour.)

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    BBC Notifications

    Experience Design, Interface Design, People-Centered Research, Strategy

  • Participation_Thumbnail

    BBC Participation

    Concept, People-Centered Research, Strategy

  • Personalisation_Thumbnail

    BBC Personalisation

    Experience Design, Strategy

  • HandMade_Thumbnail

    Hand Made

    Design Speculation, People-Centered Research

  • TeachLearn_Thumbnail

    Teach & Learn Blågården

    People-Centered Research, Service Design

  • PointBreak_Thumbnail

    Point Break

    Creative Concept, Information Architecture, Interface Design, People-Centered Research

  • AngraMarcas_Thumbnail

    Angra Marcas

    Animation, Branding, Creative Concept, Interface Design

  • Egowatches_Thumbnail

    Ego Watches

    Art Direction, Creative Concept, Illustration, Interface Design, Photography

  • OcyanNatal_Thumbnail

    Ocyan Christmas Card

    Animation, Creative Concept, Interface Design, Photography


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